Introduction to the Collection

The Bastard Zine Collection is a collection of zines, posters, and ephemera which was compiled during a visit to New York City in June 2018. The collection is now held in Melbourne, Australia.

The zines, posters and ephemera all engage with the political and social activist history of New York City, with a particular focus on feminist and LGBTQI+ perspectives.

In 2018, the National Gallery of Victoria hosted a major exhibition featuring works from the Museum of Modern Art, New York. A wave of NYC-centric events and programming swept through Melbourne following this blockbuster exhibition. At the same time, curators Lisa Jacomos and Cathryn Ross undertook a contemporary art study tour of NYC. The curators used the opportunity to collect zines, and other ephemera in a response to the wave of  interest in New York City that was taking place in their hometown.

New York City is the type of city that occupies a space in the public imagination: a metropolis full of art, politics, fashion, and history. Blockbuster movies, television shows, art movements, and pop stars call NYC home. This adds to the idea of the city as a mythical entity. The Bastard Zine Collection speaks from a different side of NYC. The material represented in this collection forms an alternative ‘undercurrent’ narrative about New York City, engaging with the political realities of life in one of the world’s biggest and busiest metropolises.

The collection will eventually be exhibited as a reading room, available for residents of Melbourne to visit and read through the collection.

This site will be used as an online living catalogue for the collection.


A collection of totes on the NYC Subway. Image: Cathryn Ross.

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